We are committed to a continuous improvement of the environmental performance and to the observance of the regulations. Possible adverse environmental effects are constantly controlled and minimized. We thus significantly help to conserve natural resources and contribute to the protection of our environment.


Green electricity

In order to handle natural resources consciously, we partly cover our energy requirements by green electricity.


Water treatment and recycling

To protect the environment, all of the rinse water is being fully purified and recycled in an automatic
ionic-exchange installation.



The chips are sorted by material type and recycled. After machining operations, all cooling and cutting lubricants are removed from the chips, filtered and returned to the production cycle.


Controlled environment

Energy efficient architectural design couples with a state-of-the-art heat exchange and air purification system permit to heat the manufacturing facilities as required. Centrally located oil mist suction systems equipped with fine filters ensure comfortable working conditions for our staff.



The cleaning of the parts is performed in our high-techsystem which complies with today’s stringent environmental regulations. 

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1to1energy Laubscher certificate