Tradition and Innovation

Combining tradition and innovation, the family-run Laubscher Precision has been constantly growing and evolving ever since its foundation in 1846. During the last decades, the company became one of the leading producers of technologically demanding precision turned parts.


Milestones in the history of the family business

1846 The watch maker Samuel Laubscher opens a workshop in Malleray (Bernese Jura) where he produces watch screws.
1850 The workshop moves to Täuffelen.
1851/52 The first factory is built at the current location of the company.
1870 Samuel Laubscher and his partner Tschopp, a mechanic, develop the first automatic lathe for watch screws (also called Swiss screw machine).
1883 The company is being transformed into a collective company, the Gebr. Laubscher & Cie (Laubscher Bros. & Co.), and handed over to Samuel's sons and son-in-law.
1899 As one of the first companies of Western Switzerland, Laubscher changes its energy supply from steam to electricity.
1900 Laubscher has the first telephone line from Biel to Täuffelen (approx. 13 km/8 miles) installed at its own expense.
and from
1939 to 1952
The existing buildings are extended and several new manufacturing plants are built in Täuffelen.
1920 Gebr. Laubscher & Cie is transformed into a limited company, the Gebr. Laubscher & Cie AG
(Laubscher Bros. & Co.Ltd.).
1930 A manufacturing plant is established in Murten (canton of Fribourg) for the production of the then world famous Laubscher steel gramophone needles. Throughout the years, this manufacturing plant is extended as well.
1960-1996 The size of the factory attained in 1960 fulfilled the needs until 1996. During 36 years, the entire infrastructure of the company is continuously adapted and updated and the installations completed and renewed.
1987 Laubscher obtains the Management Quality System certificate according to ISO 9002.
1995 Laubscher changes its company name into Laubscher Präzision AG (Laubscher Precision Ltd.).
2000 to 2003 Four new manufacturing plants, a raw material high bay warehouse and a supply and maintenance wing including a new state-of-the-art cleaning and recycling facility are built.
  The company now has a manufacturing surface of 20,000 m2 (215,000 sq.ft.) at its disposal.
2003 Closure of the manufacturing plant in Murten and sale of the buildings. The staff and most of the machinery are integrated in the new plant in Täuffelen.
2005 The company obtains the certificates Quality Management System ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 for the entire production, i.e. production of precision turned parts, surface and heat treatments.
2006 Laubscher inaugurates its own polishing department for watch screws.
2007 As equal share associates with Tavadec SA, Laubscher holds 50% of the capital of N. Humair SA in Tavannes,  a company specialized in the polishing of components for the watchmaking industry.
2011 Laubscher obtains the certificate ISO 13485 for medical devices.
2013 to 2015 Three new production halls and a subterranean parking have been built: The extension with a total surface of 4,000 m2 (43.000 sq.ft.) contains a subterranean garage for 130 cars and the housing technology on two and a half floors in the basement and production halls on three floors with a total surface of 2,400 m2 (25.835 sq.ft.).

Summer 2016: 170 years jubilee and handover company management


Laubscher Precision Ltd. is being run by family members ever since its foundation in 1846 – today by the 6thgeneration:
Raphael Laubscher (CEO)


Pictures of the Laubscher history from 1846 up to today