Surface Treatments

Our specialists will be glad to offer you a variety of surface treatments that meet your requqirements.

Miniature parts with a diameter of some tenths of millimeters are manually treated.

Please contact us for further information if you are interested in RoHS compliant or Cr6-free surface layers. 

Galvanic plating processes

  • nickel plating with metallic sheen
  • sulfamate nickel plating
  • copper plating
  • chrome plating (ornamental)
  • electrolytic polishing of stainless steel  


Chemical plating processes

  • electroless nickel plating
  • stainless steel and aluminum passivate
  • black oxide or blackening
  • chemical deburring
  • chromate
  • zinc phosphate coating
  • deplating
  • surface cleaning
  • derusting and pickling


We offer different processes and methods for treating the parts which include tumbling, baskets and racks.

Quality Assurance and Documentation

For the testing of the plating thickness and for the documentation by measuring report or confirmation, we use an x-ray spectrometer FISCHERSCOPE®X-RAY. This instrument ensures exact measuring of the surface layer and is used as a basis of supervision for our processes. Other test methods such as peel tests or visual comparator tests with microscope are available on request.