Quality Planning and Statistics

A systematic quality planning is decisive as early as in the series start-up phase and includes preparing of control plans, error catalogues and work instructions.

Upon starting production, a First Sample Inspection (FSI) or a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) ensures that the produced parts comply with all the specifications of the customer.

Stipulated/specified validation processes for parts destined for medical technology are available on request.

During the production process, statistical data (SPC) is recorded directly from the production machine and thus guarantees a reliable production.

The measured data are recorded by a measuring instrument via a data line, monitored and managed by a SPC software, and the results displayed directly at the workstation. The data exchange is made through an intranet system.
The collected SPC data serve as inspection report and can be provided with the shipment upon request.

Further statistical evaluations such as statistical process control (SPC) ensure a high and consistent quality of the manufacturing and measuring equipment we use.