Secondary Operations

For the finishing of the rough-machined parts, we have a large amount of various secondary operation machines at our disposal. Parts of them are equipped with handling devices allowing multi-shift operations.

Multiple Milling and Drillling Operations

Intricate parts made of difficult to machine materials are produced on our five-axis machining centers. The parts can be completely finished with high precision on several sides by only one clamping. These machining centers are ideally suited for small through mid-sized lots of 500 to 10,000 pieces.

Finishing of Pre-Processed Parts

Due to production technology reasons, we use rotary transfer machines for the finishing of blank parts into parts with diverse shapes. Some of these machines are equipped with CNC machining attachments and automated feeder systems.

Cylindrical and Centerless Grinding Machines

Cylindrical and centerless grinding machines with electronic sizing and automated feeding systems produce parts with extremely tight tolerances and surface finishes on the outside diameters.

Honing of Bores

In order to meet particularly severe requirements regarding the process reliability of diameters and form tolerances on bore holes, we use honing machines which are partly equipped with automated feeding systems.

High Precision Hard Turning of Inner and Outer Diameters

The hard turning of inner and outer diameters of hardened parts is a particularly efficient manufacturing method and available at a hardness of up to HRc 60. Our ultra-precision CNC turning machines allow high quality surface finishing of highly sophisticated parts.

Polishing and Deburring by Blasting and Slurry

These procedures are applied for deburring and polishing of finished parts in bulk. The automated handling devices are ideally suited for the polishing and deburring by blasting or slurry as secondary operations on individual parts.

Mirror Finish Polishing of Watch Screws

Our Polishing Department for watch screws is equipped with state-of-the art polishing machines for the round and flat polishing of screw heads and ends for large-sized lots of several thousand pieces.

Component Assemblies

Component assemblies of small to large sized lots including ensuing functional testing are performed on the premises.