Production Machines

CNC Automatic Single and Multi-Spindle Turret Machines

Production range of up to 42 mm (1.653”) diameter, equipped with automated bar feeders. These units are essential for the production of compact parts, i.e. high diameter to length ratio, having complex internal configurations.

CNC Swiss-Type Automatic Machines

A significant amount of our capacity consists of multi-axis and multi-spindle CNC machines that are suited to manufacture complex parts up to 26 mm (1.26”). These machines are designed for quick setup, and particularly useful in machining difficult materials. We continuously extend this group of machines in order to meet the current requirements. 

Cam-Controlled Swiss-Type Automatic Machines for Low-Cost Production

Our single spindle automatic screw machines, the majority equipped with fully automated bar feeding systems, are used to produce precision components with close tolerances and surface finishes. Diameter range up to 10 mm (.39”). In addition to turning, various secondary operations such as drilling, reaming, milling and thread cutting in X- and Y-axis are performed with special equipment. Extremely delicate parts requiring special handling are picked from the machine piece by piece.  

Screw and Miniature Parts

As specialists in this field, we produce miniature screw for watches and eyeglasses as well as small turned parts with a diameter range of 0.3 to 4 mm (.012” to .157”). Due to continuous improvements in our production methods and quality control, we are able to offer burr-free parts of outstanding quality to our customers. 

Coil Fed Automatics

Cam-controlled coil fed automatics with a max. turning diameter of 6.35 mm (.25 “).The limited number of cutting tools rotating around the coil sets certain restrictions to the geometry of the parts. However, coils of up to 1,000 m (3.000 ft.) in length can be used thus allowing extremely efficient production. Parts come off the machine without a cut-of tip.

Rotary Transfer Automatic Machines

These machines are mainly used to produce intricate components in minimum lot sizes of 50,000 pieces. Up to 16 stations allow simultaneous use of different machining stations in a vertical or horizontal mode. Parts can be machined on both ends by means of a special swivel unit.