Measuring Procedures

Over 26,000 measuring and testing instruments are monitored with our measuring instrument administrative software and controlled and maintained with appropriate calibration cycles in our own system or by external calibration centers. 

Optical test procedures

Electronic image processing (Smart Scope, Tesa Scan, Vision), microscope (Olympus and others), measuring microscopes (ISOMA), optical test projectors.

Tentative test procedures

Roundness measuring instrument (Taylor Hobson), contour and surface measuring device (ContourMatic), surface roughness tester (Pherten, Hommel).

Manual measuring methods

Digital calipers, micrometer with interface to the digital data recording (SPC) and many other manual measuring devices.

Plating thickness testing for surface treatments

X-Ray measuring instruments (Fischerscope) are used for surface treatments or material analyses.

Hardness testing

According to Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell (Shimadzu, Gnehm).

Customer-specific testings

Functional and force testings for assemblies, leak and flow testings, and other testings.

Special testings

Special testings are performed with part specific measuring and testing instruments that are manufactured by our specialists within a very short period of time.